Liberty University Performing Arts Construction Continues

Lynchburg, VA - It's moving day at Liberty University. Students have been gone for nearly a week now, but with Liberty's reconstruction plans continuing, the real moving can begin for staff like WWMC radio station manager Jamie Hall. Says Hall, "It's a nostalgic time, and I'm finding myself getting a little sentimental about everything, but the cool part is it's not that going off the air, or we're going away. It's just we're going to a better facility."90.9FM's studios, along with facilities for music and TV production, are now facing a move out day that is rapidly approaching .According to Hall, "The salvage process begins around the first of June, and it's not going to be long after that until the bulldozers come in." The buildings originally housed the Reverend Jerry Falwell Sr's satellite studio, along with theater performances, teachers education, and fine arts classes. With crews ready to begin demolition soon, Department Chair Bruce Kirk is excited for what is to come, saying that the changes are "...only going to give our students more opportunities to have "hands on". We're all about experiential. We're all about "hands on"." The new radio station is under construction, and will feature larger, more up-to-date equipment, that will allow students to gain more first hand experience. LU's School of Communication hopes to have all programs under one roof within the next three years. Jamie Hall says the biggest thing he'll miss about the old studios, is the memories created by new broadcasters each year. Asked if he had a favorite memory, Hall quipped "There's a lot of memories, there's a lot of...if these walls could talk, I could only imagine!."