Liberty University Officials Discuss the Future of Ivy Lake with Residents

Lynchburg, VA - It was the President of Liberty University, Jerry Falwell Junior Tuesday, who cautioned all those who live at Ivy Lake that it is up to them to help save it.

At a public meeting at LU, school officials presented to Ivy Lake residents three options for the future of the lake.

Since 2008, the lake has been under the ownership of LU.

In September engineers deemed the dam at the lake, is dangerous.

Tuesday night, one engineer said it was a high-hazard dam that if not taken care of, could kill someone if something went wrong.

Liberty officials have come up with three options for its future: two include changing the spill-way, either enlarging a grass one, or building a concrete one; another option, eliminating the dam, and consequently, the lake.

Falwell spoke directly to the concerned crowd Tuesday, and told them that financially, it was not worth it for Liberty to try and save the lake, siting enlarging the spillway as costing millions.

However, he said since it was of such benefit to the community, that the school would be willing to pay half the cost of enlarging the spill-way, if the Ivy Lake homeowners paid the rest.

"If somebody ends up owning it down the road, who doesn't have assets to fix it and repair it, then they could end up with the state taking the dam out and not have a lake anymore" said Falwell.

Bottom line, the conclusion was reached, that no one wants to see this lake destroyed.

Another option discussed was that the home owners could pay for repairs themselves, and in turn buy the lake from LU.

According to engineers, a decision needs to be reached by this summer.