Liberty University Debuts New Voter Precinct

Students Waiting in Line

Lynchburg, VA - The 2012 Election is a historic one for Liberty University. For the first time, the school had its very own voting precinct.

In past years students were required to vote at Heritage Elementary, which resulted in a lot of congestion and long lines.

"Honestly, I think it's a great idea," said Nathan Cassa, a student.

"It's really helpful, It's busy but it's very convenient," said Catherine Baker, a student.

But the convenience didn't come without a price. At around 1 p.m., students wrapped around three- quarters of the top level of the Vines Center concourse, which made for a long wait.

"I think it's close to an hour now," said student Austin Landavere.

But where one line is, another line isn't. For the last presidential election, LU students filled the halls at Heritage Elementary.

"It was hectic, chaos. I mean unimaginable," said Janice Overman, Assistant Chief Officer of Election.

"It was so long, I had to turn around and go back," said Alease Rice Martin, a Lynchburg voter.

For health reasons, Martin can't stand in a line that long, so in 2008 she didn't even vote. This year, she rejoiced.

"The lines are short, the lines are short!"

Poll workers say they are proud that so many LU students are voting, but are thankful for a little more room to breathe.

"I'm glad because I don't have to fool with it anymore," said Overman laughing.

Adding the LU precinct cut the number of people who vote at Heritage Elementary in half. In the last election, they had 4,000 registered voters and this year only 1,600.

The lines got so long at LU, that the school paid to feed students in line.