Liberty University Continues to Battle Obama Healthcare Ruling

Lynchburg, VA - In the words of Liberty University officials, this fight is far from over.

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled Liberty's fight against President Obama's healthcare reform act will be heard, at the federal court of appeals in Richmond.

Liberty filed a petition for a re-hearing of their case, after the Supreme Court's ruling over the summer, that ObamaCare is constitutional.

Two major issues are being addressed by Liberty. One: that the employer mandate, that each employer in the country, must provide insurance for employees is unconstitutional. Two: that the law, currently, violates the religious rights of Liberty University.

LU officials claim the law would force them to provide insurance coverage of abortions, something they say goes against all their school stands for.

You may be asking yourself; didn't the Supreme Court ruling from the summer determine the law to be constitutional?

Only a part of it; that ruling determined that the law's individual mandate, passed by congress, was legal. However it did not address the employer mandate, leaving the door wide open for Liberty's challenge.

Mat Staver, the Dean of Liberty's law school, said those involved in this case are passionate, and said they're in it for the long haul.

"At the end of the day we think that it ultimately ought to collapse, but at a minimum, Liberty University and other similar religious employers and individuals ought to be exempted from this law. That itself will ultimately put a big hole in the bottom of this ship that will eventually bring down ObamaCare," he said.

Staver said he did not know what Liberty officials will decide to do, when the law takes effect next year. He said they're in a catch-22 though; that they either participate, and provide the insurance, or, break the law.