Liberty University Bringing Movies and Business to the Hill City

Lynchburg, VA--Folks in Central Virginia got to show off their acting skills Saturday. Liberty University held a casting call for an upcoming movie they're working on.

The movie is called 'Letting Go'. It's similar to groundhog day where the same thing keeps happening over and over. And this movie is doing a lot of good for a lot more than just the students.

Students and members of the public came out to take a shot at show business. After two days of auditions-- nearly 200 showed up to vie for a part.

Scotty Curlee is assistant Professor of LU Cinematic arts. He says Hollywood east is in North Carolina. He wants to bring it here.

"Our goal is build industry here. Create an atmosphere and an environment where film makers can graduate and stay right here and be employed," said Curlee.

That's going to stimulate the local economy. In fact, it already has.

"We hired a caterer, Fathers Table, to provide all the food for us. We're housing our cast and crew and have transportation, getting around. Without the help and support of our community we wouldn't be able to do this." Said Tessa Sturgill, Production Coordinator.

This is the first of five films LU is doing with Echo Light Studios. Their goal is to produce one each year.

"We want them to have not only the head knowledge but the hands on experience," said Curlee.

Students will have different positions on a professional film set. So far, they're loving it.

"I think it's the coolest thing," said Robert Haggerty, a Cinematic Arts student.

The casting director for Lost was also there to help with auditions, today. They plan to start shooting as early as this week.

To get involved in 'Letting Go' contact Tessa Sturgill .

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