Liberty Students Surprised With $20 Convo Gift

Lynchburg, VA - More than $200,000 was given out to students at Liberty University Friday, all by one man, Bo Pilgrim. He's the 85 year old former CEO of Pilgrim's Pride, the largest chicken processing company in the U.S. He wasn't even the official convocation speaker; he was there to present an award to the school's President, Jerry Falwell Junior. In fact, many students, before Friday morning, had no idea who he was. But now, his name, they won't soon forget. "Sometimes it's kind of a drag getting out of bed early if we don't have morning classes" said one student. But ask any student about Friday's convocation, and they'll tell you, it was well worth it. "It was awesome! That was such a blessing for me today" said one student. "I was really surprised when I turned around and actually got $20" said another. 85 year old Bo Pilgrim, not even the official speaker at Liberty University's convocation Friday, dropped $200,000 on the stunned student body. "It was such a blessing really. He just said by the way, everyone is getting a pamphlet" said a student. A pamphlet, with a $20 bill, nestled neatly inside. "Tells you how to get to heaven and how to live in the meantime, you can't beat that" said Pilgrim. Pilgrim published "Good News for Modern Man," a tiny prayer pamphlet complete with the ten commandments, and a little biblical wisdom. He's handed them out for years. On Friday though, with cash, hoping those college kids would get the message. "I've got more money than I need to be honest with you. It's everything you need without having to carry a bible under your arm" said Pilgrim. "We've been doing convocation since the school started 43 years ago and I never remember anything like this before" said Jerry Falwell Jr. Even LU's president, Falwell Jr., had no idea Pilgrim was planning to give the $200,000 gift. "He wanted students to apply it to their lives and live their lives a certain way and wanted them to take them seriously and I think it worked" he said. "You can make a difference no matter what you do and that was really touching of him today" said one student. Pilgrim awarded Falwell with a $10,000 donation to Liberty for their growth and service to Christian values. Glenn Beck was the day's official speaker.