Liberty Dems Host DNC Watch Party

Lynchburg, VA - As the president was speaking, some students at Liberty University were watching. A group of college Democrats and some other Lynchburg residents met on campus or a watch party.

In 2009, the school chose not to recognize their College Democrats group. But just last year, the club began organizing once again.

And Thursday night, a small group met on campus to watch the final night of the DNC.

"In a class full of Republicans, I find myself a little shy to speak out," said Patience Mouzon, a member of the Liberty College Democrats.

But not tonight; not among friends, "Liberty is a conservative institution, but we are representing the Democrats here, and there aren't many of us, but we would like to make the presence that we have known," she said.

And so Liberty's College Democrats met to watch their party's convention on their college campus.

"I didn't realize the conservative nature of the Liberty campus, until I walked on the campus," said Gerald Darling, another member of the club.

A meeting like this was nearly impossible just a few years ago. The club was no longer recognized by the school in 2009. Liberty officials claim now, they no longer recognize any political club of any party.

"Last year was when we re-established the club and you know, we just want to make our presence known on campus and we want to give democrats a voice, because we want both sides to be equally represented on campus," said Darling.

"I personally love Liberty. And while we do have different beliefs, we really are a community of believers," said Rachel Vos, a Liberty Democrat.

And most Democrats in this audience will say their party and their school have a lot more in common than you may think.

"I feel like there are some values that do align with the Democratic Party and with the values of Liberty itself," said Vos. "As a Christian, we care about helping others, and that is what the President stands for. So I definitely think that some of them do align," said Mouzon.

Members of the public attended the viewing party as well. And almost all of the 30 audience members stayed to watch the President speak.