Lemon Cupcake in Charlottesville Said to Have Labor Inducing Power

Charlottesville, VA - In the final days of pregnancy there are a lot of thoughts going on in your head, namely, "I'm ready to have this baby!"

There's all kinds of advice on how to get your labor started, but one bakery in Charlottesville has gained notoriety among very pregnant ladies for inducing labor.

They say the secret is the lemon drop cupcake at Cappellino's Crazy Cakes in the Downtown Mall.

Since she opened the bakery 4.5 years ago with her brother (Frank Cappellino), Dotty Cappellino said they're up to 150 babies born after the mom ate one of their lemon drops. She counts them all in a special file.

Cappellino tells ABC 13 News there may be more too. The count she has is just the moms who have called to let her know!

So what makes it so special? The Cappellinos said lemon is the labor motivator.

"The only thing different about this lemon drop is I like freshness. I put fresh lemon juice and fresh lemon zest. That's the only difference," Dotty Cappellino said in an interview with Charlottesville's Newsplex back in 2011.

"Some of the doctors say the fresh lemon juice definitely helps out, but there are secret ingredients in the cake that I can't divulge," Frank Cappellino told Newsplex.

Dotty Cappellino said once their story went viral in 2011, they started getting calls from all over, people begging them to ship the lemon drop cupcake.

However, Cappellino said they're shop is too small to do that kind of business.

They get a lot of out of town foot traffic though. The store sees 10 to 12 pregnant women and anxious dads every single day from all over the place - Lynchburg, Williamsburg and Virginia Beach. For those out of towners, the bakery will throw in an extra cupcake (just in case).

The bakers generally recommend you eat two lemon drops - and eating the hard candy with real lemon oil on top is a must.

Cappellino's also has a rule when it comes to the lemon drop: moms-to-be cannot share. If dad wants a taste he needs to get his own.