Legacy Museum Hosts Fundraiser Dinner in Lynchburg

Lynchburg, VA - The Legacy Museum of African American History held it's annual legacy dinner in Lynchburg.

It's the biggest fundraiser for the Lynchburg museum.

This year's theme is centered around an exhibit the museum is currently showing that features stories of influential African Americans during and after the Civil War.

About 200 people came out for the dinner, live music and a talk.

Patricia Tyson was the guest speaker from the African American Civil War Museum in Washington DC. She is part of a group called "FREED," the female re-enactors of distinction. She portrayed an influential woman from the Civil War era.

Organizers of the re-enactment say this is a great way to share history with today's younger generations.

"We wanted the youth to see and hear the story of someone and how they're portraying the person that made contributions during the time of the Civil War," said Phyllistine Mosley, a member of the museum board of directors.

If you'd like to donate to the Legacy Museum of African American History or to see its current exhibits, check out their website.