Leaders Respond to Multiple Bomb Threats in Campbell Co. Schools

Campbell Co., VA - Campbell County schools have gotten four bomb threats over the past week, and school administrators say they aren't taking these threats lightly.

"It was kinda a rush panic when I first heard about it," said Alan Vaughan.

Unfortunately it's something parents and grandparents, like Alan Vaughan, who has grandkids in Campbell County schools, keep hearing about over and over.

There have been four separate bomb threats in Rustburg schools: Two at Rustburg High, one at Cornerstone Learning Center and even one at Rustburg Elementary.

That's where Vaughan's grandkids go.

"I don't think the children who do this understand what they're doing. The depth and the ramifications of it," he said.

"I can tell you that we're going to recommend to the school board a 365 day expulsion and we're going to recommend that they be prosecuted," said schools superintendent Dr. Robert Johnson.

He has had to issue four different alerts to parents.

"It disrupts our school day," he said.

Captain Cindy Caldwell with the Campbell County Sheriff's Office says right now, the public is paying for the police response. She says she hopes the sheriff's office, and ultimately the taxpayers, will recoup those costs.

"It's certainly something we're going to look at when we talk about prosecution. We're talking about getting the man-hours. The number of people we had involved in the search what it cost. What it cost for gasoline to drive the dogs here."

Both Johnson and Caldwell hope parents and grandparents will see this story and talk with their kids.

"I did have a conversation with my grandson, just a very brief one. But he already said how uncool it was," said Vaughan.

Rustburg High had to be evacuated after both threats. Students were already gone for the day when the threat was discovered at the learning center, and school was already letting out at the elementary school the day it happened there, so no evacuations in those two cases.