L.C.A. Dedicates Jason Brown Athletic Complex

Lynchburg - Liberty Christian Academy dedicated the new Jason Brown Athletic Complex Tuesday morning. The building, named for the former Bulldogs star athlete who died of cancer at the age of 20 in 1996, will serve as a fieldhouse/locker room facility for boys and girls soccer, football and new varsity lacrosse programs, also providing a weight and training room, concessions and public restrooms. Jason Brown was a multi-sport star, but his passion was football, a two-time All-State star, a Bulldogs running back and linebacker.

Diane Brown, JASON'S MOTHER, said "He loved life, he never gave up. He wasn't a quitter, you know he put his mind to it he was gonna do it. And even when the doctor that day told us what they expected that he had cancer, he just very quietly said Mom, can I have a few minutes? And I stepped out of the room and I never once heard him say why me."