Lynchburg College to Break Ground on New Student Center

Lynchburg, VA - This weekend is the big ground breaking for Lynchburg College's new student center.

When doors open hopefully Fall 2014, the $12 million space will add 30,000 square feet to the current building, and have a gym, game room and service learning center.

Thursday, we stopped by where the construction site will start just after graduation. A new student center's important for recruitment. But school leaders tell us it's also an important haven for current students.

"It's really a place for them to go, and learn, develop and grow. And that's what I'm looking forward to in this whole thing," said John Eccles, Dean, LC.

"I think everyone just wants a place to hang out. As silly as that sounds, I think there's no place for people to go and sit with your friends and talk," said Geralyn Gulino, student body president, LC.

At $5.6 million, LC is just about half way to fully funding the project. The groundbreaking is this Saturday at 5 p.m.