LC Students Take Part in National Energy Challenge

Lynchburg, VA - Lynchburg College is taking part in a national contest to save energy.

The Campus Conservation Nationals runs February 6-26. Colleges across the country are signed up. At LC, more than 600 students have agreed to participate.

The college will keep tabs on meters and submit data to contest officials at least once a week. The goal is for students to conserve 30 cents worth of combined electricity and water per person, per day.

Students will have to take shorter showers, turn off lights and unplug gadgets.

"But even if they don't win, they still have the next couple of weeks to get a taste of what life is like with less energy, and our hope is that they will create habits of using less energy," said Roni Laroque, LC Environmental Communications intern.

After the national contest ends at the end of the month, it will continue into April on the LC campus.