Lawyer Says Another Man Was With Alexis Murphy the Night She Disappeared

Update 3 p.m.:

Nelson Co., VA - Randy Taylor's attorney, Mike Hallahan, has told media that his client was with Alexis Murphy the day of her disappearance, but that he was not the last one with her before she disappeared.

According to Hallahan, Taylor told investigators he saw Murphy at the Liberty gas station in Lovingston but only by coincidence.

It was there, Hallahan says Murphy approached Taylor, and made a comment to him about smoking marijuanna. Taylor allegedly told the teen he was interested in obtaining some.

Hallahan claims Murphy said she knew of someone who could sell it to him at another location in Lovingston.

According to Hallahan, that's when the pair met up with a third man, and it was from him, that Taylor allegedly purchased $60 worth of pot.

Hallahan says the three were at Taylor's camper, which is where he says the FBI found a hair belonging to Murphy.

But Taylor claims Murphy and this third unidentified man left his property together at sunset, the night Murphy went missing. The lawyer says the FBI should focus their search on finding him.

"I don't understand how they can get an abduction charge out of a hair. He drank an icehouse -- a 12 ounce bottle of icehouse -- at the trailer and his DNA should be in that bottle in that trailer whoever that was," said Hallahan.

Hallahan says he has located this third unidentified man he describes as a black male with corn rows in his mid to late 20s who drives a 20-year-old burgundy caprice.

ABC 13 has not been able to confirm with investigators that this man is a person of interest.


Charlottesville, VA - The lawyer for Nelson County abduction suspect Randy Taylor says authorities arrested the wrong man.

According to Taylor's court-appointed attorney Michael Hallahan, 17-year-old Alexis Murphy was at Taylor's camper in Lovingston with another man on the night she disappeared. He says Taylor bought marijuana from the man and smoked it with him.
Then, Hallahan says Murphy and the man left in separate cars. He says Taylor didn't know the man.
Authorities say Murphy was last seen around 7 p.m. on August 3 when she left her home to go shopping in Lynchburg.
A spokeswoman with the FBI declined to comment on Hallahan's statements.