Lawsuits Filed Against Dillon's Estate

Altice & Dillon

Reporter: David Tate

Franklin Co., VA - The woman who inadvertently ran into a Rocky Mount fire truck that led to the deaths of two volunteer firefighters is now suing the estate of one of the men killed.

Terry Valentine, of Rocky Mount, wants $275,000 from the estate of Chief Posey Dillon.

This is the second lawsuit being filed against Chief Dillon's estate. In March, the estate of the other firefighter killed, Danny Altice, filed a $2 million lawsuit against Dillon's estate, which also names Valentine as a co-defendant.

Valentine's attorney says once his client was named in that suit, that it was procedural that Valentine should file a cross lawsuit as well. She was not criminally charged in this case.

Valentine had the green light and is claiming in her suit that the truck, driven by Posey Dillon did not have its lights and sirens on when it came through the intersection.

That will be up for interpretation as ABC 13 News confirmed, through state police, that all other witnesses reported seeing the emergency lights and siren activated.

Dillon and Altice were killed in July 2010 as they responded to a fire in Franklin County. Both men were thrown from the truck after being struck by Valentine.

The attorney for Altice's estate says that while this whole accident is a tragedy, it is a tragedy that could have been avoided. They say that will be obvious in court.