Lawnmowers: Summer Safety Tips

Lynchburg, VA - Summer is the perfect opportunity to get out there and mow your lawn, something we'll all undoubtedly be doing a lot of this season. But if you think it's the same as any other household chore, think again.

Lawnmowers can be dangerous, even deadly. Just last week a 55 year old Nelson County man lost his life after he fell under his lawnmower.

According to the national numbers, injuries from these machines are common come summer time.

The sound of a starting lawnmower is the sound of summer. And, it's a sound that could land you in the E.R.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, between 2010 and 2012, more than 38,000 people wound up in the hospital from using their lawnmower.

"People can become real complacent about their use" said Jay Gray, of the Southern Landscaping Group in Evington.

Gray is a mowing expert. He's in charge of overseeing the safety of all employees at the Southern Landscaping Group.

His first lesson to first time mowers, "Not to disconnect any of the safety devices that come on any machine, they're there for a reason" he said.

Mowers have many fail-safes; blades and motors stop automatically on most modern machines; able to sense when you're no longer there.

And when it comes to the number one reason for an E.R. visit, "Never work on the machine or touch any part of the machine while it's running" stay away from the blade at all times, said Gray.

Because while these machines are seasonal staples, "They're not super sophisticated machines, but they're very dangerous" Gray said they can manage to ruin any summer day.

Gray also mentioned keeping a safe distance from the lawn mower if you're not the one operating it. Also wearing gloves, eye protection, and the right shoes, can all guarantee your green thumb will be kept intact.