Latest Winter Blast A Boon For Wintergreen Resort

Lynchburg, VA - While many people are tired of the snow and cold this winter has brought, skiers and snowboarders are celebrating their good fortune on the slopes of Wintergreen Resort.

With the most recent storm dropping nearly eight inches of fresh powder, the resort announced that the slopes will remain open until April 5th.

While spring skiing is nothing new at Wintergreen, the pristine conditions on all trails have Wintergreen VP of Resort Operations Jay Roberts singing the praises of this rare occurrence. He stated "The weather has been fantastic for us, we've got great snow making, and now Mother Nature has really stepped up the end of this season."

Skiers and boarders alike flocked to the slopes, and were singing it's praises. Griffin Cotrell gushed "It's really nice, it's really smooth!". With 100% coverage running through the weekend, the resort is preparing for one last farewell to winter.

And, as Roberts tells us, "Embrace it! There's a lot of folks who have had enough of the snow, but this is probably it for the season."

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