Last Minute Push in Lynchburg Sheriff's Race

Lynchburg, VA - The Lynchburg sheriff candidates were pushing for last minute votes Tuesday, in what's been a very contentious election.

ABC 13 caught up with current Sheriff Ronald Gillispie campaigning at Sandusky Middle School Tuesday afternoon.

Gillispie says budget cuts will be the department's greatest challenge, with a required seven positions being eliminated this coming year.

Gillispie has served as sheriff for 12 years and was recently criticized for the way he handled a state police investigation involving one of his captains.

Gillispie's opponent, Kevin Chapman, has also come under fire for owing more than $19,000 in taxes. The private investigator has no law enforcement experience, but says he wants to restore honesty and integrity to the sheriff's office.

"I haven't ran from anything in the election. Every time there's been an issue, I've confronted it, hit it head on," Kevin Chapman said.

"When I ran it was experience you can depend on and leadership you can trust. You can trust my leadership," said Ronald Gillispie.

If elected, Sheriff Gillispie says this will likely be his last term in office. Gillispie says he will be watching the results from the Republican headquarters on Leesville Road.

Chapman says he'll be watching from the comfort of his own home.