Large Sweet Potatoes a Surprise for Appomattox Couple

Appomattox, VA - An Appomattox couple was almost hesitant to pick their sweet potatoes this year. They weren't expecting much, but what they got blew them away!

These sweets are massive, and there are about a dozen of them. Some weigh almost five pounds. Now, Jack and Janet Goin planted them early this spring, and couldn't believe these plants made it out so well through this year's drought.

"This was all brown in August; it looked awful," said Janet.

Janet Goin's garden suffered, just like many others did this year. She says the land at her home was so dry, it rotted the cabbage and nearly killed all their peaches.

"It was just so pitiful looking; it was just sad," said Janet.

So, when it came time to pick the sweet potatoes, she didn't expect what she found.

"He started digging and that's what happened. We thought maybe we'd get some dinky little sweet potatoes and then surprise!" said Janet.

The biggest is about nine inches long and four inches wide. And just one of them weighs almost as much as a bag of potatoes.

"I couldn't believe how big they were; they're just massive," said Janet.

Janet gives all the credit to her husband, Jack.

"Well, my husband just has the green thumb. I've always told that to everybody," said Janet.

Jack's been gardening since he was a child. She says Jack always fertilizes the garden but other than that Janet said, "I guess it's just a miracle."

Jack had to work Wednesday and wasn't able to show us around the garden. But, Janet tells me they now look forward to Thanksgiving and making plenty of sweet potato pie. And by the looks of those sweet potatoes there will be plenty to go around.