Large Crowd Gathers for Mitt Romney Speech, Democrats Respond

Roanoke Co., VA - Romney gave a short speech to a very enthusiastic crowd inside of a manufacturing plant owned by Integrity Windows.

The governor, running about a half hour late, addressed an overflow crowd of more than 2,000 supporters who came out to cheer their man on into the election home stretch.

"The Obama folks are chanting, 'Four more years, four more years.'. But our chant is this: 'Five more days' Five more days is our chant," said Romney.

Barely touching his typical anti-Obama attack, Romney focused on his five point plan that he says will finally get this country moving in the right direction. That plan includes energy independence, increased trade -- particularly with Latin America -- increased domestic skill building, federal balanced budget legislation and heavy support for small businesses.

Then he added a sixth:

"We've gotta reach across the aisle, bring in good Democrats with good Republicans, so we can finally do the people's business and put the politics behind," he said.

But with time running out, and the drive to register voters over, Romney's final plea to his base was for them to find just one person each who voted for President Obama in 2008 and would be willing to flip this year.

"When you talk to your friends about who they are going to vote for, and I want you to do that, find at least one person who voted for Barack Obama and convince them to come vote for me instead," he said.

Romney also repeated his most recent mantra that campaign has been pushing bi-partisanship in Congress.

"Get those five things done and get America strong again. We have to stop the dividing and attacking and the demonizing. We've gotta reach across the aisle bring in good Democrats... with good Republicans and finally give the people business and put the politics behind. And I will do that," he said.

Supporters of President Obama rallied outside Marvin Windows and Doors.

They shouted "Four More Years" as the rally crowd filed out.

Governor Romney made two more stops in Virginia Thursday in Doswell, which is just north of Richmond, and in Virginia Beach.