Lake Vista Home Owners Circulate Petition to Remove POA Board Members

Forest, VA - Some property owners at Lake Vista say change is coming to their property owners association.

Home owners at Lake Vista are circulating a petition to remove some, if not all of the board directors for the Lake's Property Owners Association that voted to kill more than 60 of the lake's geese earlier this summer.

Those that drafted the document say many members of the board aren't acting in the best interests of the nearly 500 Lake Vista home owners.

Homeowners blaming some board members of, "planning that caused the unnecessary killing of many Bedford County geese, which in turn resulted in shameful national news and social media publicity" reads one part of the petition.

The petition goes on to say that the killing of the Lake Vista geese this July was just the straw that broke the camel's back. Some home owners, like Bob Sherman, say a few board members have been acting irresponsibly now for years. They want them out, and a new group put in.

"There might be a new board of directors that would be elected and fill in those positions that would not be in favor of killing the geese next time and will bring with them some good business skills, and save the community some money" said Sherman.

At a home owners meeting earlier this summer, there was a vote among the board to remove its president, that vote failed.

Organizers of this petition say they'll be happy if even just one or two of those directors that voted to kill the geese are removed.

Board members were contacted late Tuesday evening and did not return calls prior to 11 p.m.