Kudzu Bugs Invade Danville

Danville, VA -- Thousands of creepy crawlers are not just out for Halloween in one Danville neighborhood. Kudzu bugs are swarming some houses.

It may be easier these days for Horace Guill to point out where he doesn't spot kudzu bugs in his yard. That's because over the past week, swarms of them have taken over his house, his trees and his life.
"They're just everywhere. By the thousands," said Guill.
Guill says they've plagued his street of Greenwood Drive. And the worst part is the odor.
"They smell like a stink bug about the same thing," said Guill.
That's because according to extension agent Stuart Sutphin, they're related.
Last month, they made their first appearance in Danville. Sutphin says he's heard of them throughout the city, some places worse than others.
"Areas of the city where there is a lot of kudzu growing, I've been getting calls from people that live in those neighborhoods," said Sutphin.
While they may be a nuisance, Sutphin says they can't hurt you. But they can harm plants such as soy beans.
"They'll also damage most anything in the legume family. Snap beans, peas, things like that. For home gardeners they can be a problem too," said Sutphin.
Guill just wants this invasion gone.
"I can spray them here but they keep coming like there is no end of them," said Guill.
While you can't get rid of them entirely, you can protect your house by sealing it off to keep them from getting inside. But these bugs are likely here to stay.