Kroger Sells Ornaments to Benefit Salvation Army

Lynchburg, VA - Kroger is teaming up to help the Salvation Army this holiday season.

We stopped by the Kroger on Wards Road in Lynchburg to see how things were going.

The store manager says $7,600 has been raised at this location for angel ornaments on the Christmas tree.

They're also giving away a cooler on Sunday that you can enter for.

All proceeds go to the Salvation Army.

"We sold the most ornaments of anybody in this division," said Gary Taylor, the Kroger Store Manager. "We have great support...This is a great location, has a great community support."

"A $25 gift card will go to needy families in the area that will help buy turkeys, milk, bread, the perishable items for their Christmas meal," added Captain Donald Dohmann of the Salvation Army.

Each ornament costs $25.

That provides one holiday meal for a Lynchburg area family.