Kids Learn About Farming in Appomattox

Appomattox, VA - Some students in Appomattox got the chance to be farmers for the day at the FFA's 3rd annual Little Farmers Event.

45 FFA members set up agriculture workshops on the primary school's playground. They brought cows, goats, and chickens - more to show the little ones where our food comes from.

"I believe that some of the best things in life aren't learned within the walls of a classroom," said Ed McCann, FFA advisor, Appomattox Co. High School.

So, 180 first graders stepped out of the classroom and onto the farm.

"How many of y'all like cheeseburgers? That's a cheeseburger right there," said one FFA member.

FFA members from Appomattox County High School ran each workshop.

"It's not only a benefit for 1st graders but it's great to see the high school students do a little public speaking. They can be intimidated at first, but they open up and learn a lot about how to keep a group's attention," said McCann.

The point is to let kids know that food doesn't just come from the grocery store.

"They'll say, does brown milk come from a brown cow? Where does strawberry milk come from?" said McCann.

FFA Advisor Ed McCann says by 2050 we'll have twice as many people to feed with half as much land. Introducing the animals to kids at a young age is crucial.

"We hope that today will ignite a spark of curiosity in their minds and some may eventually consider this as a pursuit for their career," said McCann.

7-year-old Kaleigh LaFrance says she's sold on the idea.

"Do you want to be a farmer one day?" we asked Kayleigh LaFrance. "Yeah," said LaFrance.

"What do you want to farm?"

"Horsies," said another first-grader.

Smokey the Bear showed up too to talk about fire safety. The students really seemed to enjoy getting up close to all the animals.