Kids in Hot Cars: Avoiding the Deadly Mistake

Lynchburg, VA - 22 children have died already this year from being left in hot cars.

The Kids and Cars organization is pushing for legislation reform and has launched a nationwide campaign warning parents: it can happen to you.

On average 38 children die every year in hot cars.

And there aren't any good numbers on just how many are injured.

"We're really hoping that people will take our messages to heart, spread the message to everybody you know and we can prevent these from happening," said Janette Fennell, the organization's founder.

The Kids and Cars organization has launched a Look Before You Lock campaign. Cards are available at hospital birthing centers all over the country - with a list of tips, like putting your purse or briefcase on the floor board in front of the car seat. So, when you grab it on your way into work, you'll notice your child's still inside.

The founder says most of the time parents leave their children in cars when there's a change of routine.

Lynchburg police routinely patrol parking lots when temperatures soar above 90 degrees.

"If you leave a child in the car, you're looking at either some child abuse situations or child neglect situations," explained Officer Ronnie Sitler with LPD.

Within ten minutes, the inside of ABC 13's car went from 88 degrees to 120 degrees.

Kids and Cars is also pushing to change laws, to help parents avoid the tragedy altogether.

"It's very interesting. Nobody wants a dead car battery. But, that same technology could be used so that babies aren't left behind," Fennell added.

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