Kids Get a Hands-On History Lesson at Appomattox Civil War Day Camp

Appomattox, VA- Thursday some kids in Appomattox got a hands-on lesson on what it was like to be a soldier in the Civil War. A group of 9 to 11 year olds gathered at the Museum of the Confederacy to learn about everyday life for Union and Confederate soldiers, even down to what they ate and how they slept.

Kids also learned battle formations and how to properly load and fire a musket. Folks at the museum say events like this make learning fun, and help students better remember our nation's history.

"If we can teach kids the fun stuff, for them this is fun, then they'll pay more attention in their classes. And maybe they've heard this before, it's a way of reinforcing the history they do learn when they are in school," said Linda Lipscomb, Site Director for the Museum of the Confederacy.

Kids at the Civil War Day Camp also got to design their own camp flags for the Union and Confederacy.

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