Kids Attend D.A.R.E. Day at Danville Ballpark

Pittsylvania Co., VA - Students from all four Pittsylvania County middle schools were invited for DARE Day to promote drug abuse resistance education with the Danville Braves.

Kids watched a demonstration by Pittsylvania County deputies before enjoying the game.

The county's DARE officer wanted this to be a fun way to get their message across to the kids.

"It teaches them that they can have a good clean day of fun. They can come out and hang out with their friends, and they don't have to be involved with drugs or alcohol or gangs or violence," said Pittsylvania Co. D.A.R.E. Officer Deputy Chris Brown.

This is the first year the County's DARE program has partnered with the Danville Braves.

Brown says they got the idea from Lynchburg's DARE group, which has partnered with the Hillcats since 1989.