Keysville Woman Drops 40 Pounds by Walking Area Trails

Keysville, VA - A Keysville woman lost 40 pounds doing something that most of us do every day.

Every day in Keysville, a 1960's sitcom plays in a Main Street window, and Kim Henry walks.

"Every daywalks past my window," said Lisa Barker.

"She's either with her friend Kimberlysometimes by herself," said Paul Robleto.

"I'm always wondering, 'where is she going?'" said Diane Schrier.

Walking has made Kim Henry somewhat of a local celebrity.

"People just know I'm going to be walking. There's my best friend," Henry said.

Henry started walking three years ago, and now covers four miles a day. Altogether, the steps add up to more than 100 miles a month.

"It's not about being totally skinny. It's about being healthy," Henry said. "I feel energetic and good and it's just a nice sense of accomplishment."

Henry said she wants the feeling to spread.

Recently Henry and three friends established a Healthy Living Committee. They mapped out trails, named the paths and put signs up all over town.

"I would hope that it would inspire everyone to get out and walk and get healthy," Henry said.

Henry has managed to drop the weight while raising two kids and running her own ice cream shop.

"I can resist but when I totally have to dive in I just grab a spoon and allow myself just one big heaping teaspoon full," Henry said, laughing.

Henry uses a free android app called cardio trainer to calculate the miles.