Keysville Loses Legend Tink Tuck

Keysville, VA - Keysville community is mourning the loss of a very prominent man.

Harrell Tuck Jr., better known as Tink, died suddenly Monday night. Tink and his wife ran a local restaurant for 30 years, and he was very active in the community. Right now, there is no explanation as to how he died.

Tink Tuck is a well known name in Keysville. In fact, it's difficult to find someone who didn't know him.

"He'd walk in and say, 'Hey baby or Hey honey', something like that. He just loved people," said Frances Shelton, manager of Sheldon's.

"If he had a problem, I'd help him. If I had a problem, he'd help me. He was just a good neighbor," said Grover Sheldon, restaurant Sheldon's owner.

He's most popular for his business. Before it was the Cruise-In restaurant, it was Tuck's Restaurant.

"We ran that restaurant for 33 years, and he'd play golf while I worked," said Margaret Tuck, Tink's wife.

Keeping a smile isn't easy for Margaret. She's the one who found Tink. They were together on Monday at the restaurant cleaning out the basement.

"I left to come home and fix supper, and he said he'd be here at 6 o'clock and he didn't come," she said.

She called Tink but got no answer. Margaret headed back to the store and found Tink laying on his back on the floor.

"I knew it was bad when I saw him, but he hadn't been sick or anything," said Margaret Tuck.'

Margaret battled breast cancer for years, but Tink, he'd always been okay. The rescue squad came and tried CPR, but it was too late.

"God knows what he's doing, it's just hard to understand," said Margaret Tuck.

Margaret and their family believe Tink had a heart attack, but doctors have not confirmed a cause of death yet.

His funeral service will be held at Ash Camp Baptist Church in Keysville this Thursday at 3 p.m.