Keysville Drive In Celebrates 61 Seasons in Business

Keysville, VA - Tuesday, the Keysville Drive-In celebrates 61 seasons in business.

The Drive In played its first film on May 14th, 1952. Since then, it has been bringing families together over movies under the stars.

Laura Gaines remembers her first time at the Keysville drive in. She was 8 years old.

"My grandparents used to pop their own popcorn, because they couldn't afford to buy it there," Gaines said.

Tim Bickford went with his family.

"We had a truckload. There would be six or seven of us and we'd all pile in and go to the drive-in. We'd have blankets and we'd sit on the floor and watch the movie," Bickford said.

Many remember their favorite movies and scenes.

"Take this job and Shove it, by Dolly Parton," Laura Gaines recalled.

61 seasons later, fans still appreciate the drive in.

"That place is jammin!," Gaines said.

Gaines now lives right across from the drive in and watches from her front yard.

"We do the grill, the chairs, the cooler, tiki lights, the whole nine yards," Gaines said.

Sometimes they'll get a shout out over the loudspeakers.

"He'll announce us and say hey to our neighbors from across the street," Gaines said.

The classic experience has added flair. A nearby Cajun restaurant named Badeaux's serves alligator if you want to grab dinner before the movie.

The drive-in has actually closed a few times over the years, but never for long.

"They have done awesome for this community. So thumbs up, great job. I'm glad you brought it back. It's just amazing," Gaines said.

This weekend, the drive-in is showing Iron Man 3 and Oz. It's open Friday through Sunday.