Kevin Burchardt Investigation Growing, Officials Asking for Public's Help

Campbell Co., VA - Law enforcement agents across eight counties are now all investigating one Amherst County man accused of impersonating a police officer and breaking into homes.

On Monday, Campbell County investigators will travel to Albemarle County, where Kevin Burchardt is being held on 12 felony charges.

They say he's already confessed to crimes in Campbell County to the authorities in Albemarle.

The Campbell County Sheriff's Office has received information from the public regarding dealings with Burchardt, but they want more people to come forward.

Burchardt is 6'8", and people who met him at a local flea market describe him to me as having a "gung-ho" personality. Police believe if you bought something from him, you'd remember it.

"We have reason to believe he's committed quite a few crimes here in Campbell County also," said Investigator Tracy Emerson.

Emerson believes Burchardt has crisscrossed his county to commit those crimes at the County Line Flea Market on 460.

"We've been told he's had quite a number of firearms at the flea market, selling them," said Emerson.

The owner and a worker at the flea market say they recognized Burchardt right away. They thought he was some sort of security officer. They say when he was out here selling, he was always dressed in what appeared to be swat gear and he drove what looked like a police cruiser.

Emerson says officials got calls about Russell's Auction House in Altavista.

"They actually called us several months back about how much property he was bringing down there," said Emerson.

The owner said on the phone that Burchardt was bringing in big ticket items: Things worth $900 or more, telling her he got the stuff from storage unit auctions.

Investigators now want to hear from anyone who made a deal with Burchardt at the flea market.

"The subjects who may or may not have bought the firearms are not in any trouble. We just simply want to talk to them and see what kind of property they may have gotten from him," said Emerson.

The sheriff's office did run a check on Burchardt after being contacted by the owner of Russell's Auction House. They didn't find anything that would warrant bringing him in at that point. They also want to make it very clear the owner does not have knowledge of any of the items from Burchardt being stolen.

If you have any information, you can the Campbell County Sheriff's Office at 434-592-9574.