Kentucky Family Uses Martinsville Speedway as Escape

Martinsville, VA -- Plenty of campers make their way to the Speedway each year from all over the continent. We've told you in the past about folks who have traveled long distances or about how the campers love this Speedway.

For most campers, the Martinsville race is a normal vacation. But for this couple, this race is much more. This family uses it as an escape.

For one week in the Spring and then again in the Fall, the Burgetts leave their Kentucky house for this mobile home headed towards the Martinsville Speedway. But their 14 year streak came to a halt last April.

"Our town was devastated and we stayed home that round many of our people needed help," said Joyce Burgett, From West Liberty, KY.

In March, a tornado hit their small town of West Liberty, a place they grew up in was left flattened.

"The first time I went through it, I cried all the way through," said Joyce.

"There are no words to explain it. It's just total devastation," said William Burgett, From West Liberty, KY.

So last April they skipped their only vacation to help out, cleaning up devastation and comforting neighbors.

But, like so many races in the past, this October the Burgetts' packed up their camper and headed towards their home away from home.

"We love coming here and it's just a great escape for us," said William.

Their love of the Martinsville Speedway kept them strong.

"It's just wonderful. You get to see all the people that you know," said Joyce.

And they say, for them, Martinsville serves a purpose more than entertainment.

"You can take a breath. When all of this was going on you held your breath. I held my breath. You can breathe. Maybe be able to have some more stamina to get in there and roll up your sleeves and help some more people," said Joyce.

They say they have only missed one or two other races in those 14 years. And as for West Liberty, they never even thought about moving after the tornado.