Ken Cuccinelli Takes on Hot Topics in Danville

Danville, VA - Republican Ken Cuccinelli visited Danville Thursday for the second time in the last 30 days, and he did not shy away from some of this year's most controversial issues.
Before a packed house, he touched on the state of our region's economy, while criticizing his opponent Terry McCauliffe's relationships in the coal mining industry.
"He had a chance to put Virginians first and he put Terry first, " he said.
He also outlined his "all-of-the-above energy policy", and when asked about his stance on uranium mining, Cuccinelli said he would not be against it, if it can be done safely.
"You can't just say 'No never...never under any circumstances,' and I'm not prepared to stand here and say never, " he said, but the man who asked that question says it wasn't the response he was hoping for.
"I'm not sure I love that part, " said supporter Mark Foster.
One source of controversy Cuccinelli hasn't been able to avoid: the concerns over gifts Governor McDonnell received from the CEO of Star Scientific.
"Certainly the problems with the Governor have been a negative distraction. It's disappointing, " he said, but he believes it will open a door for ethics reform in Richmond.Local officials hope the headlines won't affect him as the campaign draws to a close. They encourage folks to come meet the candidate face-to-face.
"I want them to listen to the person they see before them. Not the sound bites that the Washington Post will send out, " said Delegate Danny Marshall.
McAuliffe's camp could not be reached for comment.