Keeping Your Cool in the Hot Weather

Lynchburg, VA- As temperatures soared into the nineties Tuesday, you could find sisters Zoe Rosson and Sydney Cook and their cousin Casey Rosson, splashing at Riverside Park's Sprayground. "It's really hot outside today," Sydney told ABC 13. Casey and Sydney stood under the bucket as it splashed chlorinated water all over their faces, "I've done it a million times and it just slops all over my face," said Casey. He noted that the initial experience, was "scary." However, he said, "it's not so bad now." Zoe, said she wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

While kids cooled off outside, Appalachian Power has some cooling tips for those of us trying to keep cool inside. The company offers the following summer cooling tips: Adjust your thermostat on your air conditioner or heat pump. Raising your thermostat just two degrees can cut up to eight percent off your cooling costs. The company recommends a summer setting of 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Close drapes or blinds during the hottest part of the day to keep the heat out and the cool air inside. Do chores requiring electric appliances during the morning or evening. Make sure your filters are clean, especially if you have pets. Clean or replace cooling filters approximately once a month. Dirty filters cause electric appliances to work harder and consume more electricity.