Keep on Barking by Noreen Turyn

Well here we go again, and maybe the second time's the charm. "Friends of the Lynchburg Dog Park" has our name in the hat again for PetSafe's Bark for your Park contest. And my dog Cadbury sure would like to win it this year! {}

The good thing is the money is in place for phase one, which is just the basic fence {}But it took a long time to get to this point, and winning the prize this year would really speed up the rest-- all the amenities-- like benches, water and maybe even those plastic bag stands for "mishaps."{}

My dog Cadbury is highly active, and I can't think of a better activity to help both of us out than a dog park for him to run and play. It can honestly be very exhausting for me to get home from work at 7 p.m. or sometimes 7:30 p.m. and immediately have to find a way to release his energy! If he were one to go chase a ball and bring it back, that would be terrific, but unfortunately, he's not. So any activity to exercise Cadbury, includes activity to exercise me! I know that's good for my health, but STILL! I would just LOVE to come home from work, put Cadbury in the car, and take him to the park to play for an hour. {}And he would love that, too as he LOVES to play.{}

I do hope that we see responsible owners who won't bring pets with a tendency toward aggressiveness. {}After Cadbury got mauled by a friend of his back in March, I'm quite skittish about other animals. {}But I've just got to trust that no one will bring mean dogs to play.

Anyway, I'm told the fence should be going up in the coming weeks, and Cadbury and I can't wait! I just look forward to the day when the full park is as it should be, so please whether you have a dog or not, won't you help with the cause? {}"Friends" has even reached out to Huntington, WV to all the supporters that helped put that city over the top last year, beating Lynchburg's valiant effort.{}

You get two votes each day, on both the web site and on Facebook. {}Let's get those numbers up!