Kaine and Allen Fight it out in Their Final Debate

Blacksburg, VA - For Tim Kaine and George Allen, Thursday night marked the final showdown, their last debate, held at Virginia Tech.

It was one last opportunity to prove to Virginia voters that they have what it takes to be senator.

They took to the stage in their final debate of five, and this one, proved to be anything but cordial.

"George has a double standard. He didn't tell you that when he was a senator from Virginia for two years, that he was the head of the Republican senate campaign committee," said Kaine.

"That's where Tim Kaine and I differ. I want to be Virginia's senator. Tim wants to be President Obama's senator," said Allen.

The mudslinging didn't stop with partisan accusations.

Allen sang the same song he has been since the campaign began; accusing Kaine of voting in favor of thousands of dollars in cuts to defense spending. "I could never imagine myself voting for something that could be so potentially harmful to our military readiness and jobs in Virginia," said Allen.

And on a personal note that he rarely shares, this time Kaine, fired back. "I have a son who has just started a career in the military. I'm not going to do things that will hurt the troops or will hurt defense," said Kaine.

In an untraditional twist, questions were asked directly by the candidates of one another.

"Will you now agree that that was a bad idea and also agree that social security should never be privatized?" asked Kaine.

"What we need to do is make some reforms though I think in social security. And I think the age of eligibility can be increased gradually," responded Allen.

"Why did you support President Obama on these job killing proposals, rather than put Virginia jobs first?" asked Allen.

"I like 21-26 year olds on their family policies, and I like insurance companies not being able to charge women different premiums than men," said Kaine.

While the debates may be over, the campaign is far from it. There are still a couple of weeks left, and these politicians are sure to be seen on the airwaves with campaign ads.