Kaine Addresses Attack Ads at Round Table Discussion

Lynchburg, VA - Tim Kaine was in Lynchburg Tuesday to hold a round table discussion with local veterans.

The Former Virginia Governor touched on many different issues.

National security and veteran's affairs were the focus of his discussion, but Kaine also touched on other important issues like funding for Medicare and the Bush tax cuts.

One issue he could not avoid addressing is the slew of super PACs attack ads that have been aired against him.

"As of earlier this week, the US Chamber of Commerce, Karl Rove's group, and the Coke Brothers, have run six thousand negative ads against me since November. But the good news is, we were tied when they started, and we're still tied. So I'm doing a Muhammad Ali "rope-a-dope" with these guys," he said.

Kaine has just launched a television ad of his own, which began airing Tuesday morning. He's been holding these round table discussions throughout Virginia since February.