Justin Case for October 27, 2011

Baby watch continues. He or she is now five days late as I type. My wife and I can't wait.

Onto sports...

head to to vote for our Football Friday Player of the Year.

Kendall BeCraft- Brookville

Trey Edmunds- Dan River

Adam Hardister- Northside

Marcus Jones- Jefferson Forest

Jarrett Moon- Staunton River

Brenden Motley- Christiansburg

Harvey Taylor- Magna Vista

Josh Wilson - Appomattox

Sam Wright- Cave Spring

Ling Zheng- Rockbridge Co.


Big game tonight for Michael Rocco. UVa plays Miami on Thursday night football for the first time since 2006. Rocco is now the full time starter. Mike London says he won't take him out anymore. David Watford will play but only on specialized plays designed with him in mind. It's a smart decision. Here's my take on this thing: it is not based on fact or quotes. London rarely is candid with the media but he is friendly and cordial with us. Anyway, I think off. coordinator Bill Lazor wanted to stick with Rocco the entire season full time and London wanted to work Watford in. At Richmond London used a dual threat qb Eric Ward to win the national championship. Lazor comes from an NFL background where drop back passes reign as kings. The set up worked for Uva a little but overall it did not. QB's need confidence and when you lead your team on a TD drive and then you don't return on the next series, it kills your confidence. Dennis and I break it down more here.


VT is playing well, not great but well. They're getting killed by injuries. FIVE guys who play a lot are done for the year with injuries. You have to think it's going to catch up with them some time, some game. VT's remaining sked: at duke, at gt, UNC, at uva. Where do you think the slip up will happen or do they roll unbeaten the rest of the way into the ACC title game where a rematch with Clemson goes down?

FYI - David Wilson leads the country in rushing. He's good. That's an understatement.


Write it down, LU will win easily in its next two games and will have a defacto title game vs. Stony Brook on Nov. 19. (that's if SB stays unbeaten, LU will) Mike Brown doesn't even have to dress up for Halloween he could just say i'm a walking wounded man. it's as if the song head, shoulders, knees and toes applies to him. add in his hip and everything hurts. Like VT, that seems like that will catch up to them at some point, in the reg season and/or the playoffs.


Game 6 of the World Series is tonight. What will you watch - this or the UVa game? The WS has been great. Great clutch hitting, at some points - great pitching. Mike Napoli is the MVP right now but the Cardinals still have a shot to win it and rarely does the MVP come from the losing team. I picked Texas in 7. That means I need St. Louis to win tonight to force a game 7...on FRIDAY. Bummer. That's Football Friday time so I won't get to see much of it. Total bummer we have rain to thank for that one, raining out game 6 originally scheduled for wed night.


Total bummer - Modern Family was a repeat on Halloween week. Total crusher when we sat down to watch it on DVR. Still watched it though. Such a good show. Other faves - This Old House, PTI, Last Man Standing and Good Wife.

Rock it out and wish us luck with the pending baby.