Justin Case for November 10, 2011

Frank Beamer considers Joe Paterno a close friend and right now that friend is in need. The Penn State situation is a circus.

The acts Jerry Sandusky committed are disgusting and everyone who turned an eye to the obvious problem should on some level be ashamed. Sandusky's hearing has been pushed back to December. The main question now is should Paterno finish out the season?

I say suspend him for Saturday's game against Nebraska. Yes it's senior day and he'd like to be out there with them but he lost that right to be on the field for mistakes he made years ago that unfortunately are only coming to light now. Following a one game suspension, I'd allow Paterno to return to finish the season and then he can retire, which he has said he'll do as of Wednesday. Despite his inaction, everything that he has done for the University still outweighs this scandal. It's tragic that this is the way Paterno leaves this way but it was he who allowed it to happen this way.

As for local football, VT has a huge game against GT. Unless you think GT will lost next week to Duke, this ESPN Thursday nighter is a must-win game for the Hokies. I think VT has just enough offense to beat GT. Last year they won 28-21. I think this year's final score will be similar.

UVa is now bowl eligible. That's a huge accomplishment for 2nd year coach Mike London. Winning isn't easy anywhere and they should get to 7 wins by beating Duke but UVa has lost to them 3 straight years. Then it's at FSU and home for VT. I could see UVa losing to Duke, beating FSU and then losing to VT. Mike London should have watched ABC 13 Sports Chat.

I've said London should stick with one QB Michael Rocco since week 2 of the season and since London did so, UVa is 2-0 and they've looked impressive doing so with two ROAD wins over Miami and MD.

Liberty lost to Lehigh and JMU. So they have no right to get into the FCS playoffs as an at-large team. They can take care of it themselves by beating Stony Brook at Stony Brook Nov. 19. LU got lucky and has an extra week off to prepare for SB. That should help.

And finally Benjamin Wilson Feldkamp is here. As I type he's 9 days old. He's awesome. Kimberly was so great throughout the whole process. A lot of people have come up to me and congratulated me about our new family addition. Thank you to those people.

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