Justin Case for April 20, 2011

It's a big day for Hokie fans on Saturday. How many will turn out for Virginia Tech's annual spring game?

It's at 2pm in Lane. Logan Thomas has been throwing a lot in scrimamges thus far. He has the leadership abilities. He's always telling me he's working on his accuracy.

Bright spots for VT: o-line, RBs, DBs, d-line, WRs

Concerns: linebackers, QB (Logan looks like he has the ability but still unproven)

Dennis Carter will be at the game Saturday. Check in for a full report.

Liberty finished up their spring ball on Monday night. I was impressed with Ervin Garner. He'll be getting the ball a lot in the fall. Mike Brown looked okay. He's usually spectacular.

I've seen a lot of LU games and I haven't seen anyone be able to guard WR Chris Summers...until now. The guy is on his own team - Walt Aiken. He got into a little bit of trouble at Illinois. The coaches tried to get him to stay on the team but the school essentially expelled him. It's a great get for Aiken. He has Big Ten talent and is now in the Big South. Signs indicate he should dominate. He simply looks like an athlete. Not all college athletes do.

Evan Gordon is headed to Arizona State. Good choice - I guess. He'll be closer to his brother who plays for the LA Clippers. They speak on a day to day basis. Seth Curry made a smooth transition to Duke. We'll see if Gordon can do the same in the PAC10 which will be the PAC12 by the time he plays. He has to sit out a year and will then have two years left. Gordon can create his own shot but he wasn't as consistent as Curry. Gordon was always friendly during interviews so I hope he does well.

Will Regan at UVa is leaving. He wants to get back closer to his home in New York. UVa played 30 plus games and he played in 20 of them. For UVa fans - this registers as a 2 on the ricter scale. Not a big deal. Once freshmen complete their first year they see the writing on the wall (I'm not going to get a lot of playing time. A new recruit looks like he's better than me so I should look to go elsewhere) I'm a Xavier fan and two freshman just decided to transfer. Both were highly recruited but you don't see 12 perfect fits on a college roster a lot.

How bad are the Hillcats? Bad...for now. I've talked to a few of the players and NONE of them are overly concerned. Keep in mind, minor league teams sign PLAYER DEVELOPMENT CONTRACTS, not WIN ALL THE TIME CONTRACTS. Every minor league system is geared to help the MAJOR league team. Period. I was at Tuesday night's game and they did hit the ball hard - just right at the defense. The Braves organization is too good year in and year out so I expect them to get better but right now there's nothing that says even one part of their game is good.

Meanwhile, the Salem Sox do look impressive. The season is young but they've shown already they have good hitting, pitching and defense. That's how you win and if you're a player, that's how you advance up the minor league circuit.

The ODAC tourney is Wed-Sat. at lynchburg City Stadium. We'll have coverage all week long. LC beat Guilford in their first game 6-5. LC's the 2 seed. Bridgewater is the 1. They won too 8-3 over H-S. LC now plays Thursday at 7.

That's all for now. Rock it out.