Justin Case for August 23, 2012

Football Friday is back. We'll take you to 15 games. I'll be headed to our Game of the Week, which is likely to be Northside at Amherst County but it's up to you the fans to vote at the Football Friday section on our website. There's a lot of interesting story lines to look at this season and we'll have them all covered for you each and every Friday night at 11:15 p.m.

The Football Friday Wrap is back as well. It's a video recap of the games each Friday night.


College football starts in less than 2 weeks. Here's a pro and a con each for each area D1 team:


Pro - Logan Thomas has a year under his belt. He gets better in everything he does. I saw him run track in high school and drop crazy amounts of time each time he sprinted.

Con - Young offensive line. Inexperience is something that's hard to overcome and it doesn't help that they face GT in game one.


Pro - More talent is on the field. Better recruits bring wins.

Con - The ACC is loaded with solid strong-armed QBs and UVa's defensive secondary has Tra Nicholson (soph) and then three more unproven freshmen/redshirt freshmen.


Pro - Players tell me Turner Gill has brought something extra to the program.

Con - When you have 2 QBs you don't have 1. The battle between Josh Woodrum and Brian Hudson continues. Will one of them make the decision easy for Gill or will this idea unravel into a troublesome season?


Pro - Sparky Woods system has been established for 5 years now and results should take place soon. Eric Kordenbrock is the solidified #1 QB. The last three years there's always been a preseason QB battle.

Con - Does this team know how to win? 2-9 a season ago. Young players need upperclassmen to teach them the way to win and for the past. In 2008 they had 4 wins, 2009 - 2, 2010 - 3.


The sports (me) weather (Sean Sublette) battle continues. I love the Reds. He loves the Nats. They're neck and neck right now for the best record in baseball. Nats hold slight edge right now.

Rock it out.