Justin Case for August 24, 2011

It's been busy in the ABC 13 Sports Department. We're gearing up for Football Friday and the college season.

Make sure you tune in Friday. We'll have a bunch of games covered for you - plus band, cheerleaders and the trifecta.

Here's our top 13. What do you think of it?

1. Brookville2. Gretna3. Amherst4. Northside5. LCA6. Franklin County7. Christiansburg8. Salem9. Altavista10. PH11. Dan River12. E.C. Glass13. Staunton River

We've gotten some emails - where's Magna Vista? most likely true but it's just the preseason. There's plenty of time to make it in to the top 13 and I have a feeling the Warriors will.

You know the music video we do on Football Friday on the season finale the Friday after Thanksgiving? Well I ask colleagues for suggestions on what songs to use.

How about I ask you: You got any ideas? Songs we've used: OAR love and memories, Aerosmith - dream on, queen - one vision (my fav) and I'm drawing a blank on last year's.

If you have a song that has a good beat that we can play highlights to please email me.

Mike Rocco looks to be the #1 qb at UVa. If it indeed becomes true (Mike London I'm guessing won't announce it until game week) we'll have him at UVa and Logan Thomas as VT's starting QB. Both are from Lynchburg and both grew up playing against each other in pee wee football. I'm efforting a story on that so be looking for it.

It would be a great win for LU if they can beat N.C. State but they have injuries. Asa Chapman and Chris Summers - arguably 2 of their 3 best players may not play and if they do there's no way they'll be 100%. That won't add up to a win on the road against an ACC team, a pretty decent one too. NC St will have a new QB. Sean Glennon (VT) - his younger brother is now the qb at NC state.

VMI also has a 3-way qb battle - kordenbrock, morgan and augustine. VMI scrimmages Thurs - coach woods may have a better idea who the man will be by then.