Justin Case for August 17, 2011

The UVa QB battle is down to two and Mike Rocco is one of those two. David Watford is the other.

If Rocco wins, just think him and Logan Thomas, both from Lynchburg, would be the starting quarterbacks at the state's two biggest football schools.

I'd bet on Rocco getting the job but Mike London had Eric Ward at Richmond and he led them to a D1-AA title. Ward was dual threat QB. Rocco is not so that's the only thing going against him.

There's only a one year difference in their age so it'll be interesting in which direction London goes. London may favor dual threat but OC Bill Lazor favors a pro style based on his time in the NFL.

Football Friday is ready to roll. We've been working on our rundown for the show and it's coming together. We'll have all the angles covered for you this Friday, the 19th for our preview show.

Our top 13 poll will be out Friday.

Which teams should be in it?

Kwamaine Battle is done for the year at Tech. He was a redshirt senior after tearing his ACL last season. This year he injured it again so bad luck for him but the loss won't be that bad. Tech has some depth in that area.

Baby Feldkamp countdown - Oct 22. My wife and I are excited and so far everything has gone well.

Kiss my Reds goodbye. I had a trip planned to DC to watch them this week but since they went in the tank (and some other things) I decided not to head up.

Rock it out.