Jury Trial Starts for Apartment Murder

Lynchburg, VA - Opening statements started Monday in a first degree murder trial for a Lynchburg teenager.

Raheem Johnson, 19, is charged with murdering a man right in front of his girlfriend and their 2-year-old son.

Johnson is accused of killing Timothy Irving at the Millwoods Apartments in April of last year. Johnson was 17 years old at the time.

A witness says Johnson burst into the apartment wearing a mask and ordered the victim to, "Give it up" just before he was shot in the head.

Even though the gunman was wearing a hood over his face, the victim's girlfriend says she will never forget those eyeballs. She identified Johnson as the gunman using a photo line-up last April.

Prosecutors repeated that quote in court claiming Johnson looked at the 2-year-old child before shooting his father in the head.

The defense isn't disputing whether Johnson was there for the killing, but questions the role he played in the murder.

The trial will continue at least until Tuesday.

Another man, Dennis Watts Jr., is facing a first degree murder charge as well and will go to trial in August.