Judge Says Pittsylvania Co. Supervisors Have to Pay, Local Pastor Wants to Help

Pittsylvania Co., VA - After a judge ordered a stop to Christian prayer at their meetings in March, the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors have faced a number of setbacks in their continuing fight.

This month, a judge upheld a previous recommendation which says the board has to pay more than $53,000 in legal fees for Barbara Hudson, the woman who took the board to court over Christian prayer in meetings.

"What would Jesus do? He wouldn't call it quits if it came to that, " said Marshall Ecker said.

The board has continued working with their lawyer, Senator Bill Stanley, to find a way to change the outcome in this case.

Many citizens are wondering, though, how many tax dollars will be spent in the ongoing battle.

That's where Pastor Matthew Speck of Piney Grove Baptist Church hopes to step in. He's starting up a non-profit organization to raise money to offset the county's costs in the matter.

"We want to take the pressure not only off the taxpayers, but also off the Board of Supervisors because it puts a lot of pressure on them, " said Speck.

Ecker says he has heard from other Supervisors who say they would agree to an appeal.

Just last week, the board got a Bible as a gift from the Retired Judges of America. Ecker says support like that inspires him to keep pushing forward.

"We've got judges on our side now, and it tells me that we're not wrong. Anytime you stand for Jesus you're not wrong, " Ecker said.

So far, Stanley has been handling the case at no charge.

Barbara Hudson says she is happy with the judge's decision from March, and she has no problem if the board wants to continue "making lawyers rich."