Judge Orders Key Players in Alexis Murphy Case Keep Quiet

Livingston, VA - A judge says 'unprecedented' news coverage of Alexis Murphy's disappearance could taint a jury and Randy Taylor's chance at a fair trial.

Judge Michael Gamble signed a gag order Wednesday morning.

The order prohibits attorneys involved in the case, law enforcement officers and staff in their offices from releasing certain pieces of information. The information includes Taylor's prior criminal record, his character and reputation, any confession or refusal to confess, the identity and testimony of witnesses, evidence, results of forensic tests, sealed search warrants and a possible plea.

The gag order doesn't include Murphy's family or witnesses who are not members of law enforcement. But the Commonwealth's Attorney says he's advised them not to talk to the media as well.

"I've discussed this with the Murphy family. They understand and want the case heard by an impartial jury," Anthony Martin told the judge. "This case deserves to be heard in Nelson County."