Judge Holding Video Conference to Set New Trial for Christopher Speight

Reporter: Rachel Schaerr

Appomattox, VA - Accused mass murderer Christopher Speight's defense team will meet via webcam on Monday to discuss scheduling a new trial date.

The two-week trial was scheduled to begin next week but was delayed so mental health experts can finish evaluating Speight's sanity.

Appomattox County Commonwealth's Attorney Darrell Puckett says the defense has not filed any new motions. So they will not be in court on Monday.

Instead, Judge Joel Cunningham is holding a private video conference between prosecutors and the defense team, Puckett said. They could either set a new trial date or set a tentative one.

Puckett says Speight will not appear on camera and will remain at the Blue Ridge Regional Jail.

The Spout Spring man is charged with gunning down eight people in January of 2010.

When asked what the victim's families think about the delay, Darrell Puckett told ABC 13, "The family members of the victim's have been wonderful to work with. [They]are wanting to do everything that needs to be done to make sure we do it right."

At the very earliest, Puckett says Speight could go on trial this Fall and at the very latest, by the first of next year.