Mill Woods Apartments Killer Gets Life Plus 42 Years

Raheem Johnson

Lynchburg, VA - A Lynchburg judge called last year's murder at the Mill Woods Apartments one of the most "callous and cruel" in his career.

Judge Mosby Perrow sentenced Raheem Johnson to life plus another 42 years in prison for first degree murder, burglary, two counts of attempted robbery and several gun charges.

In April 2011, Johnson shot Timothy Irving at point blank range in front of his girlfriend and two year-old son.

The defense attorney asked the judge to consider that Johnson was a juvenile at the time of the murder. But the judge wasn't swayed.

"Raheem was condemned to failure because of what his mother failed to do for him, because of what society as a whole failed to do for him. He lashed out in an inappropriate fashion and now he'll end up paying for it," Leigh Drewry said referring to his client's sentence.

The Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney told the judge about Raheem Johnson's long criminal record, his affiliation with a local gang, and what prosecutors call his "atrocious" school disciplinary record.
"This was brutal. This was heartless. This was sickening. He's a killer and he's dangerous," Chuck Felmlee said after the judge handed down the sentence.

Johnson's only hope for freedom is 40 years from now when he's eligible for geriatric parole.

His co-defendant, Dennis Watts is also charged with first degree murder and scheduled to be sentenced one week from today.