John's Antiques Closing After More Than 50 Years of Business

Danville, VA-- After more than 50 years of business, one antique store in Danville will soon close its doors.

John's Antiques on North Main Street held an auction Saturday, hoping to get rid of thousands of items. The owners of the store are brother and sister duo James Goforth and Barbara Holley. They say although they've enjoyed running the business for decades, they're now in their mid to late 70s and say they think now's a good time to retire.

Customers flooded into John's Antiques on North Main Street. They packed out the building hoping to grab a good bargain. It's a way owners James Goforth and Barbara Holley are ending a chapter in their lives and starting a new one.

"We're going to retire and do what we want to do for a change," Holley said.

54 years ago, John's Antiques became a part of their lives.

"It's a family business... my daddy and mama and my sister and me," Goforth said.

"We've always worked in the business with our parents and so when they died we just continued and we have thoroughly enjoyed it, it's a good business," Holley said.

They said for more than 50 years, they've had dedicated customers from all over the country, and some locals shopping there for generations.

"They came in with their parents and then their parents passed away and they still came in and bought things, and even their children," Holley said.

"I have been coming to John's since the 70s. I have bought lamps, real nice local marble top tables and chairs," said Steve Creasy, a customer.

"We have in recent years bought things from estates that people have bought from us years ago because we've been here so long," Holley said.

Both of the owners say they'll really miss the customers, but they aren't closed just yet. Once they sell all their items, they'll close and sell the building.

They say they'll most likely have another auction soon.

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