John Patterson Basketball Camp - ABC 13 Team of the Week

Lynchburg - For today's Team of the Week, we're spotlighting the 10th-annual John Patterson Liberty Christian Academy Basketball Day Camp that's attracted another huge group this year. Nearly 170 boys and girls, ages 6 through 15, are taking part in the camp that not only helps develop basketball skills, but also focuses on character, team concepts and FUN! LCA Superintendent and former Bulldogs head coach John Patterson. an Illinois high school Hall of Fame player, began the camp with his wife Cindy 10 years ago. He says it's a special, emotional week they look forward to every year.

John Patterson, LCA SUPERINTENDENT, FORMER HOOPS COACH, said "We love to see kids that come in at the beginning of the week and they're unsure and their attitude is, maybe they're shy or maybe they have a poor attitude. And by the end of the week they're encouraged and they love the atmosphere of being here."

Ashtyn Phillips, RETURNS FOR 4TH YEAR TO CAMP, said "Since I'm a girl, it's funner with the boys 'cause it's more competition. And we do a lot of drills that help, it helps your ballhandling, it helps your game up."

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